"You have released an anxiety and fear that was with me all my life."

Buckminster Fuller

"To address the times we live in and to fully engage life may require a new form of thinking, seeing ourselves and the world around us in a completely different way, radically altering our perceptions of what's happening....

Patricia Sun's work directly relates to re-creating thought patterns and re-perceiving experience. For many decades and to a third of a million people she has traveled the world, empowering people with ways to hold experience more expansively and to tap the inherent creative capacity within, which results in new ways of thought."

—Michael Toms, CEO and Co-founder, New Dimensions



Grace is very wonderful and beautiful­­­­ — the concept of it, the truth of it, the power of it — is profound. It is a beautiful word with many meanings — religious grace, as well as the grace of beauty — the harmony, sweetness, charm and fittingness of it. In meaning it comes from pleasing, thankful and grateful.

There is so much harm going on in the world that so many people are aware of. There has always been harm going on in the world; we just didn’t have the communication and connection before to know how much. The world has moved and we have grown. All is moving, revealing and releasing, exponentially.

We do not know how tremendously we are changing. Seeing more, transforming more, like an avalanche of transformation. We are so in it — we feel overwhelmed.

There are so many technological ways we are connected, but what we need is a heart that is willing to connect. The real barrier to being willing to connect is the fear of being hurt. And of course, the fear of being hurt comes from having been hurt — and having been hurt when we were young and open, and innocent and very willing to connect.

So, we are in the process of healing, by interrupting that repeating cycle, by using our own power and choice. We are cleaning up the wounds of the ancestors that reside in us all. The easiest way is to intervene and transform is with Grace.

Allow and follow, the Grace.

Patricia Sun © All Rights Reserved 2014 




Domestic Abuse

"It's Complicated

Patricia's private sessions provide insights and practical applications to many relationship questions. Astrology may be used to introduce people to the intuitive nature of our beings. Understanding astrology supports individuals and couples to percieve in-depth and critical issues that block and prevent individuals and couples to address the cause of problems and issues.

Patricia is available for private sessions


Private Sessions


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"In the year 2012 of the Dragon we are required to face our real needs and problems with an earnest, compassionate heart because when we do, the payoff is greater than we can imagine. And when we don't, the price is pretty high."
"It Continues and it Grows, to claim the creative moment when meaningful inspiration and information can be delivered that is the focus of these podcasts. Healing wounds and claiming truth is the crux of the matter for everybody, whether they realize it or not." - Patricia Sun


"The test of our time is to see that we constantly have an internal option to transform fear into wisdom." We will celebrate the insights and power of these times.

During these podcasts

we are hoping to cover:

  • Understanding what power is and its many inspirational dimensions.
  • We need each other, as social beings: the pluses and minuses.
  • There are ways we are dysfunctionally conditioned by society.
  • How we embed these conditions into our body and create defenses.
  • Wonderful and easy ways to undo these defense patterns.
  • Learn and be inspired by how we can live authentically.
  • Be receptive to others and yet think for ourselves.

While each Podcast will build upon the previous, they will be designed to stand alone. You are welcome to sign up for all, or whichever one you feel called to.

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Video of Patricia discussing "Conscious Relationships" Thinking Aloud

Patricia Sun is a philosopher, an ethicist, a leader, an innovator, a speaker, a teacher, a problem-solver, and a communication expert of a new way to live. On Patricia’s radio show—people call to talk about problems and ask questions, innocent and deep, creative and brave, philosophical and spiritual. Patricia is a scientific mystic who explains paradox and transcends dualistic thinking. She is genuine, supportive, intuitive, and helpful; her extra ordinary philosophy of consciousness emanates from her—and her ability to be present, clear, and articulate, enables her to cut through rhetoric to the heart of the matter, creating a new style of thinking that empowers and heals…

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