Patricia Sun

Child Welfare

Children offer us a sacred opportunity with the unadulterated intimacy of their need and innocence– a purity of openness with the innocent expectation of goodness and well-being to come. We and our children suffer greatly when we do not realize this sacredness exists. Let alone that we are responsible for our own consciousness and behavior. As adults we need to make constant changes in our selves in order to meet the commitment to babies and children to always be kind to them, even in our thoughts. We are the adults. 

Living this sacred ability to respond is the foundation of connection to our true and healthy selves. The Now is Sacred. Fill it with love and start with your self. Positively stated, empathy is the essential characteristic of wisdom and of the path to wisdom. It's in fact how we get it. By loving yourself you set the frequency of all you see, do, and draw to you. That’s how you become a wonderful parent.