“All the world is my country, all mankind are my brethren and to do good is my religion." Thomas Paine

I have begun almost every workshop or lecture I have ever given with one statement:

"I believe the human race is in the midst of an evolutionary leap. This leap is one of consciousness, and it is about a capacity to perceive. While there will be new ideas — it will really be one of consciousness — for the capacity to perceive will change."

The veil is lifting. All humanity is in the state of challenge to grow up, and be able to tell the truth. To be authentic, kind and self-correcting is the guide. Understanding this evolutionary leap has been the bedrock of my philosophy. Because it did require and does require a change in the way we look at things.

One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is simplistic thinking, either or thinking, locked duality. This needed shift is further complicated by the ancient fear of intuitive thinking. Because it is powerful and we don't understand it.

I began pioneering a teaching about the right brain 50 years ago. While we knew that we had a bicameral brain we had almost no good psychological understanding of what the right brain did. But I felt it. I knew then that there was really so much more to left brain/right brain than could be explained simply, and I would have to prepare a way. I felt that the first step was to begin to teach about the least understood right brain and how intuitional and influential it is.

Because really there is a whole brain, and it could not be understood without the right brain. And if we integrated a feeling understanding of "the right brain" we could be more holistic and different in the way we thought. So I began teaching about “right brain thinking". I called it the intuitive mind; the soft mind; the receptive mind — the mind of genius. Because it could think thoughts and hear music, never thought before. Genius comes from the word genesis which means creation "out of nothing, something." It is the intuitive mind delivering information through the medium of the imagination.

One of the biggest hurdles of being only linear we all have to overcome, is to even allow non-polarized thinking. The "consciousness beyond duality" is different, it is what allows, what I then called, “whole brain thinking.” I began to explain it as, a new "style of thinking" that was being born — in us all. I taught it by being it. People felt it.

Linear minded simplistic thinking is a defense against the insecurity of living in the now. The immature fear of not controlling or knowing things — a need for certainty, without doubt, creates a closed-minded need to be right. It stifles intuition and fears it. I could demonstrate how whole brain thinking included a much deeper experience of intuition. I called this new style of thinking, "living on the growing edge"; and the "power of paradox." With some time spent explaining the difference between the logical/left and intuitive/right brain concept of time.

Part of the immaturity of our brain’s development is the psychological difficulty of having such a huge brain in a biological, animal body that could only take in so much. So much that was too much — so much more to paradoxical reality, which could not be ordered simply. Required a psychological defense and also time to assimilate. Especially against intuitive, acausal information, which can come sometimes in a flood; It seemed magical, so frightening, so awesome, and so we block it. It is understandable we used biological defense for overload — to limit and control with denial. It is our immaturity that is really the problem. Which needs time because it is in a developmental stage. As we face the process of growing up, we seek truth.

These problems of humanity have been with us since we learned to speak and to write. We need to remember that 20 thousand years is very, little time evolutionarily speaking. We are young. We all have what it takes but it is a growth process. To be comfortable both being kind and truthful at the same time. We all know growing up is hard and realities must change as experience grows, and perceptions expand. It is a process. This is true for the whole species. A species that is young and not finished yet. We are one, all doing parts. Homo sapiens are more connected as one entity, than we tend to realize.

The immaturity of the logical mind sorts to limit information only to be right or wrong; And very much psychologically, needs to be right all the time. This is a great liability of an immature state or stage of development. Which requires denial for much of reality. This is the source of fear and is the reason we so resist. For, while the logical mind is a wonderful tool for sorting and recording facts, — it too often in its immaturity is needing to corrupt or ignore the facts, in order to be "right".

The other big hurdle is to realize that logic is definitely not equivalent to reality. Because reality is much bigger than logic can hold. Only the intuitive, acausal, spatial, whole brain which I call, “the mind of genius,” can begin to hold and accept even see the perceptions that are in reality.

The dominant consciousness of the linear, left brain needs to be correct all the time and at all costs. It explains the incredibly dysfunctional causes of wars and unjust hierarchical cultures, and why denial, and projection abound. That is why while as sloppy and unpredictable as democracy is as a system of government it is an evolutionary advanced organizing social principle. All that is required is an ethical and informed citizenry.

Of course, this can be hard to process if you resist honesty, kindness, and self-correction. There has been an ancient psychological fear of this coming leap in consciousness, because it means being mature enough to trust the unknown and to accept that live on the “growing edge,” and to accept the adventure. Armed with the power of good will and a brain open to intuition, or as Einstein called it, "Sacred imagination", for guidance we could do amazingly well.

We tend to prefer, an illusionary but familiar repetitive path. Delusions that are familiar often feel easier and like control — even if that unconscious blindness causes kings/dictators, war, persecution, and tolerance for toxic relationships. That we have destructively fought to stay unconscious and many have died from crucifixions both real and psychological; being burned at the stake, ostracized – history is full of examples. All this, just so we don't have to face the fact

life is change; And if we embrace that with goodwill we will grow up, be creative, and free. Not free because we trick ourselves from seeing things but free because we realize we don't know and that's the joy of being alive; And at the same time, a creative being that can constantly discover and create! That's real freedom when you don't have fear. In addition, if we are not kind to ourselves, we will not see, we will be greedy. We won't be able to open our hearts. Enthusiasm means God within. To accept you have a trusting place, as a creative being, in an unfolding universe of creation, is freedom.

Our greatest power is love generated within ourselves. Love is not a needy controlling emotion; It is an effortless good will state of radiant being and awareness. Not a controlling emotion. In our defense and in our immaturity, we have often chosen a solution of appearances. What we want, and what we are used to, are what we too often choose – to be reality. There is a growing new challenge to the old, greedy, controlling order. Which is why there is such a polarized and vehement collective reaction. I call this, "the hemlock effect". When Socrates was forced to drink poison because he was tried by the Senate in Athens and found guilty of "corrupting the youth" by teaching young people to think.

So, from before Buddha, Socrates, and Jesus, to Galileo and Gandhi, MLK, and until now — it continues; And it will continue until we recognize what we are doing. Where we have fear denial will come and will cause projection. It is another signpost and signal, that tells us where there is something to be seen.

We all need to look at and in, our selves when we ask, "What exactly am I fearing?" We are all in this. We all have prejudicial and defensive fears, no one is exempt. So as Buddha said, "Have compassion for all sentient beings.” Be sure to give yourself a break, as you self-reflect. For it is through self-reflection, and seeing, and self-correction individually done — that we all collectively are transformed and healed; Because we are all linked.

There is a spiritual or psychic connection within humanity. Which is – one person grows, and in a way, it is catching, and made easier for the others. This is why it is inevitable that we will eventually grow up. It can go very quickly as soon as this technological communication age develops some ethical choices and we begin to realize how wonderful we really are. That our powers are much bigger than we ever thought and are more collectively empowering than we imagine. We don't need to lie because the truth gently told liberates and nurtures.

Perhaps, one of the greatest examples of the core insight needed for this leap in consciousness, and capacity to see, and for it to occur is we no longer need persecution unto death. It is as Buddha, Jesus, and so many have taught– love. It is the antidote. Jesus gave only one commandment in his life, and that was "That you love one another even as I have loved you.”

We need to love ourselves. How can you be compassionate to others if you don't have boundaries that lovingly respect you? All this requires seeing.

My goal is to support the “Evolutionary Leap” with gentle truth, knowledge, and love. It is how I was able to speak to over a third of a million people in 40 countries, with no advertising, only through word of mouth. For our bicameral brains to work together maturely, as in whole brain thinking – our logical brains must consciously be open and willing, ready to catalogue facts truthfully and as accurately as we are able. The intuitive mind is receptive by nature, but to keep it open to inspiration is what brings it to the highest frequency of genius. Our transformation is in our own hands — our free will. We are consciously participating in our evolution.

To be open to kindness and honesty, to open to the frequency of goodness, is the highest inspiration. This allows a unique creative process to unfold. Correction at the source becomes obvious. The state of love creates profound outcomes — outcomes we have thought to be impossible.

The optimum state for healing, both mental and physical, is love.

The optimum unifying state for both hemispheres to work together, is love.

“A leader is best when people barely know you exist. When your work is done, your aim fulfilled, the people will say, “We did it ourselves.”” Lao Tzu

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