Patricia Sun


Patricia is a warm, brilliant thinker. She is intellectually sharp and lucid at the same time that she is gentle and receptive. What Patricia has called the "New Style of Thinking" is extraordinary in its power to depolarize people, and it has brought Ms. Sun worldwide invitations to share her views about topics ranging from family abuse, communication and the environment and world peace.

Patricia Sun has personally spoken to over a third of a million people around the world, with transformational experience. Led workshops in over 40 countries; Keynote Speaker; TV and Radio, in USA, England, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Mexico, USSR.

1st evening woman news anchor in Western Hemisphere. 

Devised, administered, and analyzed tests at IPAR Institute of Personality Assessment and Research, U.C. Berkeley, for a National Science Foundation grant, analyzing environmental perception. Patricia is also a pioneer in 1961 she was the first woman TV evening news anchor in the Western Hemisphere, XHJ, Mexico.

Patricia works with people from all walks of life desiring to improve their interpersonal relationships. Known as the "teachers' teacher", she has simply and clearly, often with humor, shared her practical philosophy during 45 years of lecturing and consulting with families, teachers, diplomats, celebrities, psychologists, C.E.O.s and organizations seeking a quantum leap in performance at all levels. Many hundreds of professionals in the human potential movement have been strongly influenced by Patricia's material for much of their work. The range of the diverse groups and institutions she has spoken to encompasses churches, universities, the Golden Door, the FBI and the former USSR's Soviet Women's Committee.

Patricia Sun graduated Phi Beta Kappa at the top two percent of her class in 3-1/2 years from the University of California, Berkeley with two degrees, one in Social Sciences: Psychology and the other in Conservation and Natural Resources. She began her work as a family counselor. Her work today concentrates directly on creative solutions; "re-creating" thought patterns and "re-perceiving" experience. Profoundly explaining intimacy, dreams, E.S.P., creativity and learning, she is a pioneer in describing "right-brain" thought. She explains the distinctions between right and left brain styles of thinking and how, for example, the two styles affect men and women in ways surprisingly different from how most people see the inherent differences between the sexes. These insights transform male/female communication and intimacy; as well as corporate and business communications and innovations. Patricia's teaching can be used to expand consciousness and amplify perception in every aspect of human concern.