and things happening!

"Thank you so much for joining me and others in exploring the world changing influences
coming in 2021 and beyond

My intent was to be as supportive and direct as possible -- especially considering the huge personal and global changes we are in. Change that sometimes is quite difficult personally, --as we encounter unpredictable challenges, we are often, forced to face." - Patricia Sun

Winter Solstice 2020 was so wonderful --and was done online due to Covid. We received many deep questions and It worked so well, we have decided to use this means as a way to reach many more people for future events.

So you can buy it here 🥰

Quotes :

“Awesome Winter Solstice!”

"The Divine energy can handle "virtual" just fine!

I did want to tell you the tones you made, had that same "spot on" expansive, yet solid grounding that they have had for decades!"

“Your presence here in 3D is so important for anchoring the new incoming energy😊🙏😇


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