Patricia Sun

has been a leader through the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's till now!

And the aught’s—Patricia has always been a pioneer. During the 60's, she was the first woman evening news anchor in 1961-63, Guadalajara, Mexico, XHG TV.

TV Guide August 1963,
Guadalajara, Mexico

In the 70's, She began teaching a philosophy of wholeness using the then mostly undiscovered differences between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Her profound understanding of right brain thinking allowed her to invent an experiential new style of thinking that uniquely intergrades them––which produces a well spring of creativity that is aligned with goodwill. This teaching emanates from her and to others.

The 80's, she traveled the world to over forty countries—Quietly planting seeds and speaking to over a third-of-a-million people.

Then again in the 90's, Patricia was on Wisdom Radio with a live 2-hour call-in show, "Connections with Patricia Sun" with listeners that spread from the United States to Europe to Middle East and Australia.

Now in the 2000's—"Now is the time to face the shadow with Light” —Patricia Sun

It's time to "Trust the Problem"—as problems reveal our path to growth and self-realization.