Patricia Sun

Healing Meditation

Meditation is a state that allows the intuitive mind of genius -- the connection to Source, to come to your attention. It is about "letting”, in contrast to doing. In that way we access nw kinds of learning. Being true to yourself is the best way to protect and sustain your self. Meditation feels like reverie. I have called the right brain, the "soft mind", because the attention is gentle, receptive, and soft. 

It tells you when sacrificing -- is it service to all? or self destructive to you? The self destructive comes from defending childhood wounds to your own detriment. When the sacrificial is for the beneficial-- that's how you can tell when a sacrifice is good. When a sacrifice is not good it is codependent martyrdom that serves nothing but is for control and makes fear. 

Freedom comes from connecting to Source. It feels difficult sometimes to light a spark in the earth. We are the earth. The divine spark is spirit within us. Good News! It is already in us even when we don't know it and that's why we meditate! To find it is listening to our own hearts. The guiding design or pathway is always love. It always heals what seems impossible. It creates life, it creates enlightenment, it is catching, and it enlightens others too.