Patricia Sun

Meaningful Relationships

Intimacy is sacred —the intimacy in sexual union— in taking care of babies — and of sincere friendships, even the love of nature. A characteristic of the sacredness in intimacy is an innocence– a purity of openness with the expectation of goodness and well-being. Trust. 

So we suffer even more greatly when we do not even realize this sacredness exists in true intimacy. 

We need to seek partners who can embrace kindness itself, we need it. For without it — our intimacy is a bit fake and actually– to some degree our sanity and ability to mature and heal ourselves suffers. Living this sacredness, is the foundation of connection to our true and healthy selves.

We need to know that we have a spiritual power, a guiding, comforting trust in an unfolding path only your heart can see. Love in your heart --in order to give your souls vision input directly into your eyes --and then your minds knowing. This is a transformation that is an evolutionary leap. All shadow between people Is just a blocking of our light. It shows up the growing edge of healing and maturing. In life it is there for us to use as the fuel to transform. The proverbial grist for the mill.